"Two party chix helped us plan and carry out three events. In three different places. To bar mitzvahs and 1 bat mitzvah.At the first meeting we had no idea how to plan for the event. Two party chix we’re extremely experienced and you every single item that needed to be addressed and how to choose various vendors. They gave us the freedom to purchase our own party gifts or have them do show. They did a great job getting very inexpensive centerpieces. They were always accessible via email or phone and kept the communication open constantly from their end. They have an incredible amount of experience in this area and no one 13-year-old kids and their parents and guests would like an event. Most importantly they keep an incredibly detailed schedule of events for the day and show up early to set up everything and iron out any snags that might appear so that the hosts do not have to deal with that. They make the day and enjoyable day for the parents and the children
Free other than my Noosha that often plagues the hosts of an event. They work together like a well oiled machine. Parents can be confident that anylast minute details and situations will be taken care of by two party chix who don’t even need to bother the parents. The vendors they chose were spectacular and they cater them to our children’s desires. Nothing was too over-the-top or embarrassing, just a fun and meaningful event. That’s the first bar mitzvah, a few of my sons friends began to act out and throw things at the DJ. two party chix saw it from the beginning and nipped in the bud. They were able to kick those kids out and make sure that no weather bad behavior was allowed to destroy the special night. This alone was worth the The choice to hire them. But all the rest of it was just spectacular and we have no words but praise for these wonderful ladies."


Love Notes

"The party was amazing, the rentals were perfect. Thank you for your wonderful service!"



“I want to thank you all for your help on my book launch event. Everything was beautiful and was very much admired.”



“Most professional operation I have worked with. The very best”


"Two Party Chix allowed me and my family to fully enjoy my kids' Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties. Linda and Rochelle have elegant, fun and creative ideas, will respect your budget, and handle the many details of the events with grace and humor. I really can't imagine having a big party without their help!"


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